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Dobrá opatrovateľka, s.r.o. is an agency for you and your child.

We specialise in looking for the most suitable nannies and babysitters for families living in Bratislava and in other cities. Our services include:

  • child care
  • babysitting
  • mother´s care
  • special needs´ nannies
  • day and overnight care
  • full and part time

We like to cooperate with all clients individually and contact them within 24 hours. After mapping all needs of the families we start the search for the most suitable nanny or babysitter. Our standard is to represent candidates in 2 weeks. After the first round we offer 3 hours workshift for free with chosen nannies/babysitters so you can get to know them better.

If you are interested, contact us via this form or via phone 0911 722 473.